Welcome to Swasth Foundation

Swasth Foundation is a social enterprise working towards improving the health of low-income segments in urban and rural India.

Swasth is Hiring!

We are now scaling up to demonstrate a city-wide model by setting up & operating 50+ centers in the city of Mumbai in the next 2 years. We need a strong management team in order to make this a reality!

If you are interested in joining our mission to ensure “Health for All”, you can view the open positions here.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission is “To ensure access to affordable and quality health services to 10 million low-income people by 2018”

Our mission is driven by the motto “Health for All”. India’s healthcare scenario has seen significant improvements, enhancements and innovations in the past few years along various dimensions – expanding network of private healthcare providers, a competitive pharmaceutical industry and dynamic health insurance products. We aim to extend these benefits (which, till now, have been accessible and affordable only to the high-income segments) to even the low-income segments.

Swasth Foundation is supported by :

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