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School Health Program


To improve the well-being of children from low-income families, by increasing detection and treatment of the most prevalent inhibitors of healthy growth (iron deficiency anemia, visual refractive errors and nutritional deficiencies).





(1) Iron deficiency anemia silently impairs quality of life for over 80% of growing children in India. It prevents children from achieving maximal growth and learning potential. An iron deficient diet and/or presence of intestinal worms are the most common causes of this type of anemia. From the multiple types of anemia, iron deficiency anemia remains the most easily treatable.

(2) During our work at schools in Mumbai so far, ~40% students were shown to require distance vision spectacles. A lot of these children are unaware of their condition and are largely left grappling with the inability to read classroom blackboards. This leads to low learning potential and further on, reduced earning potential.



Delivery model:

Schools serve as a convenient access point to children who require such primary health care services. We partner with secondary schools located in slum areas, charging a monthly fees of USD 2 to 8.  A team comprising of a doctor, lab technician and optometrist visits these schools to provide the following services:

  • general body check by doctor with on-the-spot medication (common cold, fever, dehydration)
  • deworming medication for intestinal worms to all students
  • on-the-spot blood test for anemia and medication for anemic children
  • eye check with prescription glasses provided on the spot



Follow up:

Once diagnosed, anemia requires 3 month treatment with iron & folic acid supplements. We provide these medicines along with a monthly blood test to ensure proper tracking of haemoglobin levels and drug compliance.