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Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program is staffed entirely by women belonging to communities served by us. Swasth identifies, nominates and trains 1-2 women from the catchment area of the Health Center as health workers.


  1. Obtaining patient feedback on quality of services at Swasth Health Centers, and suggestions for improvement
  2. Providing disease prevention information  (e.g. safe drinking water)
  3. Provide low-cost options for health, hygiene & sanitation related Over-The-Counter (OTC) products (e.g. Chlorine tablets)
  4. Early diagnosis and detection of ailments (especially chronic ailments such as hypertension, diabetes) through health camps


1. Door-to-Door Outreach: Health workers go door-to-door and spread awareness about the Swasth Health Center, educate people on good health practices, provide access to OTC products and detect people with chronic ailments.

2. Group Meetings: Swasth holds monthly meetings in the community to provide preventive-promotive health services through activities like disease detection camps (diabetes, anemia) and health talks.

3. Swasth Mela: A team comprising of doctor, lab technician, optometrist, doctor assistant and community mobilizer visits a well-known and easily accessible place in the slums to provides the following services:




  • Doctor check-up (free)
  • Hypertension detection (free)
  • Diabetes detection (free)
  • Anemia detection (free)
  • Eye check-up and prescription glasses (Rs 100 per pair)
  • Medicines based on need (Rs 20 per prescription)
  • Over-the-counter dispensable (OTC) drugs at 50% discount
  • Followup pathology tests for patients at high risk for Hypertension and/or Diabetes (80%+ discount)