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Our Approach

We have designed a scalable and self-sustaining health system providing one-stop access to high-quality healthcare services at half the market rates, making healthcare more affordable and hence more accessible to the common man. Services are delivered through through a dense network of Swasth Health Centers (SHCs), supported by extensive Community Outreach.

Each family enrolling with us gets a unique identity card, providing access to the following benefits:

  • All aspects of primary healthcare (doctor and dentist consultation, drugs, diagnostics, day care, etc.) services at conveniently located Swasth Health Centers at 50% of market rates
  • Consultation with specialists, radiology tests and in-patient treatment through a conveniently accessible network of hospitals / nursing homes at 20-40% lower than market rates
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion services to reduce incidence of infectious diseases through health awareness campaigns, and access to necessary products at a low-cost
  • Disease Management Programs for chronic conditions (e.g. hypertension, diabetes) through diagnostic camps for early detection,  regular tests and follow-ups to ensure compliance in drug consumption and change in lifestyle
  • Electronic Medical Records and access to entire history of all health related events in the family

We believe that a comprehensive health system is needed, in order to to be effective and efficient for consumers. This also makes it sustainable by fundamentally reducing the cost through integration of various components of healthcare services, and by reducing the disease burden through preventive-promotive services. Based on our learnings and research, we believe that the design of such a comprehensive health system should be centered around primary-preventative care.