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Service Delivery Model

To reduce the financial barrier for urban poor to access healthcare services, we designed a comprehensive health system providing high-quality healthcare at half the market rates. Services are delivered through a network of Swasth Health Centers and a Community Outreach program, and supported by a streamlined back-end.

  • Swasth Health Centers provide all primary care services (doctor, diagnostics, drugs, day care) and referrals to a closed network for secondary/ tertiary care (radiology tests, inpatient treatment, specialist consultation).
  • Community outreach (home visits, health camps, group meetings) expands reach of preventive-promotive care (health education, early disease diagnosis, low-cost products, follow-up for treatment compliance).
  • A relentless focus on health outcomes and cost-efficient system design enhances quality and reduces costs for end users.
  • The model is cost-effective (40% lower system cost than private providers), scalable and self-sustaining (operational break-even of a replicable “unit” is expected within 2 years of launch).

Significant innovation and integration is required at the back-end to create an efficient and effective comprehensive health system:

  1. A low cost drug supply chain which purchases drugs directly from drug manufacturers at significant low cost
  2. Low cost pathology to conduct routine diagnostic tests either at the point-of-delivery of care (e.g. strip tests) or centrally
  3. A network of hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers to provide hassle-free, low-cost, quality service to members
  4. Health education and disease management programs implemented by health workers from the community
  5. An in-house IT system to store, manage and analyse the information related to the above components (for both Electronic Health Records, & Enterprise Resource Planning)

The streamlined back-end consists of a low-cost drug supply chain, pathology laboratory, an in-house integrated IT platform for Electronic Health Records & Enterprise Resource Planning.