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Our focus on women

India ranks 105 amongst 135 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index. With <25% of it’s workforce comprising women, India’s women are amongst the least empowered.

At Swasth, we’ve decided that a large part of our staff, across all levels should be women. 2/3rd of our staff comprises women – right from the front-line (Clinic nurses-cum-administrators, Community Health Workers) to support staff to leaders. 100% of our staff delivering healthcare services at the front-line, are women hired from communities we serve.


Why Women?

Recruiting from communities we serve enables us to deliver high quality services, since staff are aligned with our vision and motivated to serve their community. Our staff understand needs of their community, providing us valuable feedback to improve our services. Based on their feedback, we have added dental and eye-care services to our offering.

Empathy and compassion make women ideal candidates to provide healthcare services. Staffing our Community Outreach Program with females has been a key decision, enabling us to break barriers for women to access health education and services. A woman is the health-keeper of her family, so reaching a woman, means reaching the entire family. Through Clinics and our Community Outreach Program, each female staff reaches ~10,000 women (therefore 10,000 households) annually.