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A Typical Customer

Our customers live in the slums of Mumbai or low- income housing, with a per capita daily income of US$ 0.6 – 2. Average family size is 5. An example of a family would be a full- time daily wage-earner (e.g. an auto-rickshaw driver earning Rs 10,000 per month), with probably an additional earning member at half his income (e.g. his wife who works as a maid and earns Rs 4,000 per month), and 3 dependent children.

In Swasth’s absence, given the inadequacy of public health infrastructure, as many as 90% of our patients would have to resort to expensive private providers, spending up to 15% of their household income on healthcare. Valuable time & money would be spent in traveling to multiple providers (doctor, pharmacist, laboratory, nursing home). Further, quality of care received would be unreliable due to rampant malpractice. The unmet needs of our target segment: affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare services.