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Our model has been refined through continuous experimentation and innovation. From time to time, we have piloted multiple initiatives to test how best to serve the unmet needs of the community. Swasth Dental Centers are an example of a successful pilot, which we have integrated into our main service delivery model.

1. Swasth Chakra

Objective:  To  deliver accessible health services to slum communities which have a scarcity of healthcare providers.


  • Small and/or difficult to access slum communities suffer from paucity of quality healthcare providers due to the unviability of a business model to serve such areas
  • People in these communities have to travel long distance to get healthcare service at a premium cost.

Delivery Model: A team comprising of a doctor, doctor assistant and community worker would conduct weekly / bi-weekly visits to well-known community places in such slum communities and provided the following services:

  • Doctor consultation
  • Medication dispensed on the spot
  • Diagnostic tests for Anemia, Hypertension, Diabetes


2. Swasth Jal


Objective: To pilot a safe drinking water initiative with the following objectives

  • To arrive at a customer value proposition which is an appropriate mix of cost, convenience and quality, with a self-sustaining business model.
  • To explore the synergies in combining health services with the access to drinking water at an affordable price

Rationale: Our experience in Mumbai showed that ~20% of illnesses reported at Health Centers were water-borne.

Delivery Model: In May 2012, the pilot was launched at Kranti Nagar (Kandivilli  East), the site for Swasth India’s 4th Health Centre in Mumbai.  Our research showed that water  there had a low TDS count, eliminating the need for RO technology. A high capacity UV filtration plant (500 litres/hour) and a 40 litre water cooler was installed. Our consumer proposition was as follows:


  • Safe drinking water was made available to customers through “recharge plans” of Rs 10 for 100 litres (10 paise a litre) and Rs. 20 for 300 litres (6 paise a litre).
  • Patients coming to the clinic with water-bone diseases were provided  100 litres of water free of cost, to aid in their recovery
  • Chlorine tablets were also available at the clinic, and at camps conducted in the community, at a cost of 10 paise a litre

Availability: Access to safe drinking water within a 15-20 minute walking distance, for 8 hours a day

Cold water: Cold water was made available through the above recharge plans, at 24 paise a litre.