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Nature of Impact Delivered

Our unique value proposition impacts beneficiaries in 3 key ways:
1. Reduces the financial burden imposed by healthcare spending by delivering 3 types of savings (a) 50% reduction in direct out-of-pocket expenditure (b) savings in the absence of over-treatment, which is rampant in the private sector (c) reduction of indirect expenses (e.g. travel, wage loss, hospitalization due to escalation of illness)
2. Improves utilization rate of healthcare services due to a lower financial barrier to access
3. Improves health outcomes, especially increasing the rates of detection, treatment, compliance and control of Non-Communicable Diseases, which are now the biggest cause of death in India.

Magnitude of impact: At steady state, each “unit” (operations in catchment of 100,000 people) will impact half the catchment, annually:

  • The Swasth Health Center will directly impact ~20,000 people visiting as patients
  • The Community Outreach Program will indirectly impact another ~30,000 people