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Leveraging our streamlined and modular back-end, we provide specialized services to social organizations.

One such offering is Swasth Live – a cloud-based based technology developed in-house, with the following modules: (a) Electronic Medical Records (EMR) (b) Supply Chain and Inventory Management (c) Technology Assistance for Operations Personnel (d) Cash Management (e) Member Enrolment and Identification

Swasth Live is being used in the following organizations:

IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health, and Swasth India jointly developed the platform for its ~5 health centers in Tanjavur district of Tamil Nadu




ISHA Foundation (www.ishafoundation.org) runs the system in its ~30 mobile clinics in backward areas of rural Tamil Nadu




Swasth Live is being currently being ported by an organisation based out of Rajasthan, Basic Healthcare Trust, which is a part of Aajeevika Burea. This system will be adopted by them across their 10 centers for managing all health records.





Swasth Live will also be adopted by ERC Eyecare Private Limited, an Assam based chain of eye-care centers and hospitals for its rural operations in the districts of Jorhat and Sibsagar. We are in the process of

understanding their requirements.