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Other Initiatives

Swasth Health Center is the key initiative focused on delivering primary health services. However, our work with the community since 2008 has made us realise that Health Centers are not sufficient for us to meet our goal of “Health for All”. Hence, we drive 3 other programs in our catchment areas to meet some of the other important and unmet health needs of the community.

 A brief outline of these programs is given below:
  1. Community Outreach: Swasth identifies, nominates and trains 1-3 women from the catchment area as health workers. These health workers go door to door to spread awareness about the health center and educate people on good health practices. In addition, Swasth holds monthly meetings in the community to provide preventive-promotive health services through activities like disease detection camps (diabetes, anemia), health talks, etc.
  2. School Health Camp: Swasth Foundation works with schools in the slums catering to low income households to improve the health of students. Health camps are held as per national health guidelines, which aim at increasing detection and treatment of the most prevalent inhibitors of healthy growth in children (such as iron deficiency anaemia, visual refractive errors and nutritional deficiencies). A typical School Health Camp team comprise of a doctor, dentist, lab technician and optometrist. Till date, we have covered 15000+ children through our camps.