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How it works

A Swasth Health Center is located in low income housing areas (e.g. slums) and acts as the first point of call for all health related matters in the community. It offers the following services:

      1. Doctor and Dentist Consultation: A primary care physician and a dentist is available for 8 hrs every day, working in two shifts
      2. Diagnostics and tests:
        1. Basic diagnostics tests (e.g. Malaria, blood sugar strips) are conducted at the center itself
        2. For other pathology tests, blood samples and urine samples are collected at the center and the reports available to the patient at the center itself. The samples are tested at Swasth India’s Central Laboratory.
      3. Treatment – Drugs, consumables and day care:
        1. All Primary-care and emergency-care medications and consumables are available
        2. 2-4 beds are available at the center to provide day care facility. If the patient needs to be kept under observation or provided with medication like IV fluids, he/she can be stabilised at the center without needing admission in a hospital

      The total bill for a patient at the Swasth Health Center are at least 50% less than market rates.

      1. Radiology Tests (e.g. X-Ray, Ultra Sound) are referred to a network of nearby diagnostic centers
      2. Inpatient Treatment and Consultation with specialities (e.g. Paediatrician, gynaecologist and MD Physician) is referred to a network of nearby nursing homes / hospitals

      All services in the secondary/tertiary network are available to Swasth members at 20-40% discount to market rates

      1. The center operates a School Health Program in its catchment area.
      2. The center also operates a Community Outreach Program through 1-3 health workers in the catchment area
    4. COMPUTERISED RECORDS: Medical history of each patient is recorded and used to make more informed decisions

Hence, the Swasth Health Center acts as the gateway to one-stop health services for the poor. The videos below answer some basic questions about the services and describe the process for availing the services at our centers (in English and Hindi)