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Operational Requirements

In order to deliver the above services, the center has the following resources:

  1. Infrastructure:
    1. Carpet area of 150-300 sqft, with the ability to modify in specific layout
    2. A customer friendly layout and infrastructure (e.g. furniture, lighting), which signifies quality, with distinct areas for consultation, diagnostics, day care and drugs
    3. Medical equipment for conducting basic tests and performing primary care procedures
    4. Furniture (desks, beds, chairs) and IT infrastructure (laptop, printer)
  2. People:
    1. 1 Primary Care Physician (PCP) to deliver Primary Care service to our patients and are available during both the shifts.
    2. 2 Dentists(One for each shift) to address patient’s dental concerns
    3. Center Co-ordinators (3 per center): To manage the center while assisting the Physician/Dentist in dispensing drugs and observing patients in day care
    4. Community Health Worker (1 per center) to work with the community on preventive-promotive health

Inside a Swasth Health Center