“Health For All” – Short film on healthcare in India, featuring Swasth India, released

TweetSwasth India is featured in the recently released short film “Health For All”. Health for All is a short documentary about health access issues in India and the organizations that seek to make health a basic standard of life. The film was made by the Elon University Periclean Scholars Class of 2012. The movie is available on YouTube, and further details at http://www.healthforallfilm.org Please follow and like us:

Women at Swasth: Change-makers working towards “Health For All”

Women at Swasth

TweetSwasth India, in addition to working towards its vision of “Health For All” has picked women’s empowerment as a key focus area. The entire spectrum of our HR activities is geared towards our goal of providing them the skills & confidence to unlock their potential at the workplace, and make them equal contributors at home.   Please follow and like us:

Staff experiences at Swasth – Vinothini Mani, Auditor

Tweet Vinothini is Swasth India’s youngest employee. To a first time observer, her shy and reserved nature can be misleading, and hide her strong work ethic and perseverance. She shares her experiences at Swasth and how she is working towards her new-found interest in computers through a college degree (BCA). Please follow and like us: