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Dental Procedures List

SNNameSwasth Price (Rs)
1.Abutment Placement- Addin20,000
3.Bridge - Ceramic Facing1,700
4.Bridge Ceramic Facing - Crown Cutting/ Request for trial500
5.Bridge Ceramic Facing - Request for final900
6.Bridge - Ceram Metal1,400
7.Bridge- Ceram Metal1,400
8.Bridge Ceram Metal - Crown Cutting/ Request for trial500
9.Bridge Ceram Metal - Request for final600
10.Bridge - Full Ceramic2,200
11.Bridge Full Ceramic - Crown Cutting/ Request for Trial600
12.Bridge Full Ceramic - Request for Final1,300
13.Bridge Metal - Crown Cutting/ Request for trial500
14.Bridge Recementation more than 3 unit500
15.Bridge Recementation upto 3 unit300
16.Bridge Removal300
17.Bridge - Zirconia7,500
18.Cap - Acrylic Facing1,000
19.Cap - Ceramic Facing1,700
20.Cap - Ceram Metal1,540
21.Cap - Full Ceramic2,200
22.Cap - Metal700
23.Cap - Metal free (Zirconia)7,500
24.Cap Removal200
25.Cap - Temporary Acrylic250
26.Cast Partial Removable Denture1,200
27.Ceramic Inlays2,000
28.Composite Laminate1,500
29.Composite Veneer1,800
30.Crown Cutting/Request for Trial-Ceramic Facing500
31.Crown Cutting/Request for trial Ceram Metal770
32.Crown Cutting/Request for trial Metal500
33.Crown Cutting/Request for trial MetalFree (Zirconia)4,500
34.Crown Lengthening - Localized200
35.Crown Placement-Addin20,000
36.Cyst Enucleation and Apicectomy2,200
37.Deep Caries - Back1,200
38.Deep caries- final filling back600
39.Deep caries- final filling front500
40.Deep Caries - Front1,000
41.Deep caries- Temporary dressing back600
42.Deep caries- Temporary dressing front500
43.Dental Lab Urgent Work200
44.Dental X-Ray60
45.Denture - Complete (Fibre)4,000
46.Denture - Complete (Flexible) 25,000
47.Denture - Complete (Lucitone)5,500
48.Denture - Half Complete (Fibre)2,000
49.Denture - Half Complete (Flexible)12,500
50.Denture - Half Complete (Lucitone)2,750
51.Denture - Partial (RPD) Additional Tooth (Acrylic)30
52.Denture - Partial (RPD) First Tooth (Acrylic)100
53.Denture - Partial RPD Per Tooth (Fibre)150
54.Denture - Partial RPD Per Tooth (Flexible)440
55.Denture - Partial RPD Per Tooth (Lucitone)200
56.Denture - Partial RPD Plate (Fibre)550
57.Denture - Partial RPD Plate (Flexible)6,600
58.Denture - Partial RPD Plate (Lucitone)700
59.Denture Realigment (Half)550
60.Denture Repair - each 200
61.Extraction - Behind250
62.Extraction - Fractured Tooth400
63.Extraction - Front150
64.Extraction - Wisdom550
65.Filing - GIC - Back400
66.Filing - GIC - Front330
67.Filling -GIC - Pit & Fissure150
68.Filling - Light Cure / Composite - Back500
69.Filling - Light Cure / Composite - Front600
70.Filling - Light Cure/Composite - Pit & Fissure300
71.Filling - Silver350
72.Flouride Application300
73.Immediate Denture - Partial (RPD) Per Tooth (Fibre)150
74.Immediate Denture - Partial (RPD) Plate (Fibre)550
76.Implant Placement- Addin20,000
77.Implant Placement-Dentium25,000
79.Impression for Prosthesis- Addin20,000
80.Localized Gingivectomy300
81.Night Guard1,100
82.Oral Surgeon - Dental Surgery (MDS)1,500
83.Orthodontist - Braces 1st appointment3,000
84.Orthodontist - Braces Follow-up1,000
85.Orthodontist - Braces Preparation Impression100
86.Pericoronal Flap Surgery750
87.Periodontist - Bone graft1,500
88.Periodontist - Depigmentation2,000
89.Periodontist - Flap Surgery2,000
90.Periodontist - Frenectomy1,500
91.Periodontist - Gingival Biopsy2,000
92.Periodontist - Gingival Curettage2,500
93.Periodontist - Gingivectomy500
94.Periodontist - Granuloma / Fibroma Excision2,500
95.Periodontist - Guided Tissue Regeneration2,500
96.Periodontist - Pericoronal Flap Surgery1,200
97.Prefabricated Stainless Steel Crown - Pediatrics1,000
98.Primary Impression/Request for special tray RPD Fibre60
99.Primary Impression / Request for special tray RPD Flexible6,600
100.Primary Impression / Request for Special Tray RPD Lucitone80
101.Primary impression/Request for trial RPD Fibre60
102.Primary Impression / Request for Trial RPD Flexible160
103.Primary Impression / Request for trial RPD Lucitone80
104.Procedure - Abcess Drain250
105.Procedure - Big150
106.Procedure - Medium100
107.Procedure - Small50
108.Prosthodontist Denture - Complete - Fibre10,000
109.Prosthodontist Denture - Complete - Flexible30,000
110.Prosthodontist Denture -Complete - Lucitone15,000
111.Prosthodontist Denture - Half-Complete - Fibre5,000
112.Prosthodontist Denture - Half-Complete - Flexible15,000
113.Prosthodontist Denture - Half-Complete - Lucitone7,500
114.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Per Tooth (Fibre)200
115.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Per Tooth (Flexible)400
116.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Per Tooth (Lucitone)250
117.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Plate (Fibre )1,500
118.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Plate (Flexible)8,000
119.Prosthodontist Denture - Partial (RPD) Plate (Lucitone)2,000
120.Pulpectomy - Back800
121.Pulpectomy - Front650
122.Re-Cementation of Cap200
123.Request for final Ceramic Facing900
124.Request for final Ceram Metal600
125.Request for Final Full Ceramic1,300
126.Request for final MetalFree (Zirconia)2,000
127.Re-RCT (Additional Charges)400
128.Root Canal - Add on Composite Filling150
129.Root Canal - Back1,200
130.Root Canal - Front1,000
131.Root Canal - Post (Fibre + Composite)1,000
132.Root Canal - Post (Metal + GI)500
133.Root Canal - Protaper1,500
134.Root Canal - Wisdom Tooth1,300
135.Root Canal- Wisdom Tooth1,500
136.RPD Insertion RPD Per Tooth Lucitone60
137.Scaling - Full Mouth250
138.Scaling - Half Mouth150
139.Specialist Consultation150
140.Specialist: Crown Lengthening1,300
141.Specialist - Extraction Complicated1,000
142.Specialist - Extraction Wisdom1,500
143.Specialist Implant Consultation500
144.Specialist Root Canal1,500
146.Study Impression 100
147.Temporary dental dressing50