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Live* Status – School Health Program


The data given below is LIVE from SwasthLive - A web-based Health Related Information Management System

Total Number of Schools 23
Total Camp Days 60
Total Number of Children Checked 6899
Total Number Haemoglobin Screened 6234
Total Number Haemoglobin Low 2968
% kids with low Haemoglobin (Anemia) 48%
Total Number Eyesight checked 5507
Total Number Glasses Given 1786
% kids needing Glasses (Refraction Error) 32%
Customer Savings* as % of Market Rates 100%
% Social Return** 200%

* Customer Savings is Reduction in Out-of-Pocket expenses due to free / subsidised services = Cost of Services at Market Rates - Cost of Services at Camps

** % Social Return is Customer savings per unit Invested Capital = Customer Savings / Expenses incurred