Founded in 2009, Swasth Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise committed to health and joy for all. We focus on improving the well-being of the poor by providing a range of affordable and high-quality primary-preventive health services.

Our various initiatives in this category include:

Swasth India Medical Centre (SIMC):

A Network of ‘one-stop-shop’,
'just-around-the-corner' primary healthcare centres that provide
patient centric, high quality and accountable care at
half the market rates.

Swasth Yog Institute:

An Institute that aims to build a cadre of professionally certified health coaches focussed on restoring the original state of well-being in all. The curriculum of the courses is developed through research that harmonizes the knowledge of the west with the wisdom of the east.

Aanand Aalaya:

A Network of Community Health Coaches (CHC) trained by the Swasth Yog Institute that empower the community to take charge of their own health by increasing awareness on chronic diseases and well-being.

With these initiatives, Swasth Foundation aims to nurture the well-being of an important target audience by
offering high quality, accountability and affordability.

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